Asimov's Data Scientist

In 1942 Isaac Asimov published the first short story of many that would eventually lead to the Foundation Series. When reading the series today, it's evident that the book was written in a very different time where the concept of the Internet was unformed, hand held computers were a dream, and concepts of AI were in their infancy. But it struck a cord on something very interesting, data and statistics.

Exploratory Data Analysis and Graphics

The essential ingredient to any data science project is exploratory data analysis. It is comprised of the following operations to better understand new data - basic stats, graphics, hypotheses formulation and assessment of the best models to use. Here we discuss the importance of graphics while exploring data.

I ♥ Julia

For the past half year I've been exploring Julia in piecemeal fashion. It's a language that does not conform to the traditional notions of programming. Julia is a high-level, dynamic language and is on par with C and Fortran in performance.

From stars to data

It’s done and dusted. I have just made the decision to leave astronomy and embark on a journey to become a data scientist. It was something that has been brewing in my mind for a while. The opportunity to make the switch came up a few weeks ago and I took it.

Finding the extragalactic beast

While I was a science imager for the Chandra X-ray Observatory, Thomas Robitaille and I teamed up to make a big image of the Large Magellanic Cloud using Spitzer Space Telescope data from the SAGE Survey. It’s a galaxy that’s only 150,000 light years away from us.

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